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Creating peace by piece for every home.

Mindful Cements is an AAPI-owned artisan concrete decor studio based in Los Angeles. Our passion lies in creating minimal and functional homeware and designs that are at the forefront of contemporary aesthetics. From Nordic and Scandanavian influences as well as the lives of the naturalist and intentional-living folks, we strive to create purpose to your space with meaningful pieces.

We want to bridge the gap between nature and functionality, bringing a sense of harmony and earthy elements to homes. Each meticulously crafted item is designed to enhance your living space with a touch of minimalistic sophistication.

What is "Mindful" about Mindful Cements?

At our core, we're all about creating great quality, sustainable products that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, effortlessly enhancing your environment and complementing your beloved items.

Our mission is simple: To create peace by piece for every home on the planet.

Our products are made from scratch in-house and curated for mindful rituals through everyday life, whether you're drinking a cup of coffee or practicing self-care in the morning, watering your plants, or refreshing your room with flowers or apothecary. 

Not only our multi-functional pieces suits every interior style, they're also plastic-free and sustainable. We use careful ingredients that are sourced locally and are human, plant, and pet-friendly, while we prioritize in reusing shipping materials for most of our orders.

Join us as we redefine the concept of intentional living, designed to elevate your lifestyle and bring a whole new level of meaningful spaces to the table.


Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker of Mindful Cements
Photo cr: @faces.portraiture

Meet Teresa, the founder and maker of Mindful Cements. She's a Filipino-American born and raised in Los Angeles with a background in marketing and currently works full-time as an E-commerce Specialist. During the pandemic, she grew a passion in collecting plants from home and she found it difficult to find the right pots that have the same style to match her interior space. Later, she tumbled upon a video tutorial on how to make planters from home and then her new profound hobby of making cement pots led her to create more ideas for the interior space. Aside from her plants that started it all, what inspired her to create multi-functional, matching home decor was through the constant need of having everyday rituals met with style and purpose for every space. She hopes her pieces brighten up someones mood whenever they enter their room and elevate their lifestyle at home.

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